I just wanted to take a moment to say, "Thanks".
I am pleased that I listened to my friends who used you as their contractor. Once I met you, I knew that I wanted you to make my house beautiful. I am certain that you and your folks gave me the biggest bang for my buck. The kitchen and master bath exceeded my every expectation. 
Although remodeling is not the most fun, you made it a pleasure. I couldn't wait to see what work had been completed each day. In six weeks, you transformed my home from a well-maintained house of the 1980's to a modern open concept twenty-first century model.
You are easy to work with and your suggestions on products, styles and layout were the best!
Best wishes for your continued success!

- Ginny K.


At comfort remodel, no PROJECT is the same. we listen to what the customer wants, AND BRING YOUR DESIGNS TO LIFE. wE DON'T WANT TO JUST BUILD YOU AN AMAZING KITCHEN, BUT a place to create memories for years to come!

This is Bennett: He too likes designing kitchens

Coming from a software background,and growing up in the middle of house remodels, designing kitchens fell right into his wheelhouse. Bennett loves the design aspect, but more importantly enjoys meeting with people to come up with new ideas and giving customers the kitchens they have dreamed about. 

This is Zack: He delivers the promises.

Zack has spent nearly 15 years as a carpenter. His experience in remodeling and knowledge makes him invaluable to our team. We always say "We make the promises, and Zack delivers them". As the Project Manager, he makes sure all the measurements are accurate and the schedules are in order throughout the project.

"Happiness is a kitchen full of family"

This is Ryan: He likes to design kitchens

Ryan is an award winning designer and has been remodeling and designing kitchens and bathrooms for the last 15 years. Ryan is passionate about people which is why he chose this path, and is always coming up with new and awesome ideas for families to enjoy. His sharp eye for design and ability to really deliver exactly what customers are wanting, has allowed him to design some one-of-a-kind kitchens and bathrooms.