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Cabinet Refacing

Reface with Comfort!

kitchen before refacing
kitchen after the reface process

Cabinetry refacing saves time and money while drastically altering the style of your kitchen. This affordable kitchen remodeling process uses the "bones" or boxes of the existing cabinetry. It is comparable to reupholstering furniture. New fabric wraps around the framework, similar to how refacing material is applied to the cabinetry's structure. Doors, drawer faces, and trim are all replaced to complete the transformation. 

kitchen cabinets prepped for refacing
Step 1

The existing cabinets are prepared by removing doors, drawer fronts, crown molding and trim.


BONUS: If you love your countertop, backsplash and flooring, these may remain in place during the reface project.

Step 2

The cabinet boxes are overlaid with quarter-inch solid wood reface material finished in the color of your choice. The reface material is trimmed to the exact size of the cabinets. It is then applied with glue and micro pins to the face frame.


cabinet boxes overlaid with refacing material
new doors and drawer fronts for refacing
Step 3
New Doors & Drawer Fronts

The transformation continues as new doors and drawer fronts are installed. 


Step 4
Finishing Touches

Trim and moldings are installed in the matching finish, and updated hardware is added for the final touch. Your kitchen transformation is now complete!

beautiful kitchen after cabinet refacing

The (Hidden) Benefits of Refacing!


Does your kitchen need an update but you're dreading a rip-and-tear remodel?  Cabinetry refacing is an excellent option with many benefits! Consider refacing with comfort!

blue Budget_Piggy AdobeStock_308085168 [Converted]-01_edited.png

Refacing is significantly less than an average rip and tear remodel.


Budget Friendly

Time blue_finalAdobeStock_302657703 [Con


 Typically, the entire  process takes less than 2 weeks, and the kitchen remains functional.


Drastic BLUEChange_bxAdobeStock_359618960 [Converted]-01.png

 New door style,  hardware and finish creates a dramatic transformation! 

Convert  blueCircle AdobeStock_442150299 [Converted]-01.png


 Increase storage by converting cabinetry shelves into drawers, or add  new cabinetry, like a full-sized pantry. 

Quality BLUE Crown AdobeStock_305491834 [Converted]-01.png


Our partner, Crown Cabinetry provides solid wood refacing material with a guaranteed finish.

Our Custom Cabinetry Partner

Crown Cabinetry - fine custom cabinetry & refacing material

We partner with Crown Cabinetry, a custom cabinetry shop based out of Abilene, KS. They provide distinctive door styles, superior quality finishes and premium refacing materials. Home owners love the durability and uniqueness of their products. 

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