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The (Hidden) Benefits of Cabinet Refacing - Quick and Dramatic

Updated: Jul 19, 2022

Demo day! You may be familiar with this term from one of your favorite shows on HGTV. Swinging hammers, breaking glass, dust flying, and wood splintering as the tv host’s face beams with sweat dripping down. While it looks exciting on an hour-long tv show, maybe the thought of doing a complete rip-and-tear remodel is too much right now. It means months of going without a kitchen, eating out, and navigating life around a construction site. Perhaps it would be an option in the future, but right now, life is too busy. On the other hand, your kitchen is in dire need of a refresh.

The grease and grime have become one with the corners. The silverware drawer sticks every time you open it, and the doors no longer close correctly. The wear and tear are more noticeable than ever, not to mention it’s outdated. Maybe you’ve considered painting or refinishing, but it doesn’t have the best return for your money, as discussed in our April 2022 blog article. So, do you have to put up with it until you have time and money? Nope. There’s another option that is quick and dramatic- cabinetry refacing.

How is cabinetry refacing a quick process?

While demolition is involved, it is minimal. Cabinet doors and drawers are removed, along with trim and crown molding. Nothing else is disturbed. In some cases, items can even stay on the shelves during installation. Kitchen sinks remain in place, and water is never turned off. Your stove and oven, yep, fully functionally. Countertops remain intact, so dinner can still be served as usual.

Since only the cabinets are being altered, the demo is usually complete in less than a day. Then applying the refacing material can begin. Once that’s done, new doors, soft close hinges, hardware, trim, and crown molding are added. At this time, new drawer boxes and slides can also be installed. Typically, the entire process takes approximately 2 weeks, resulting in a dramatically updated kitchen. Of course, if you want a new backsplash or countertops, that is still an option. But with refacing, you don’t have to.

Dramatically updated? Is that an exaggeration?

Nope. Your kitchen cabinets are the largest piece of furniture in your home and certainly the biggest in your kitchen. Transforming the look of your cabinets will significantly change the style more than any other factor because they are the most visible. Finish, door style, and hardware are all updated, and that’s a dramatic difference.

So, choosing all new doors is part of the refacing process. Perhaps you have an arched door style that you loved at one time, but those days have come and gone. Replacing the arch profile with a clean-line shaker door greatly alters the overall style. Then new hardware pulls, and knobs are added, changing the look even more.

However, the most dramatic change is the finish. Refacing material covers the old cabinetry. It is all finished to match the new doors. So, what was once honey oak cabinetry can now be a rich walnut. Likewise, a dark stain can become a smooth, clean white. There are many possibilities!

If you need to refresh your kitchen but don’t have time for a rip-and-tear remodel, consider doing cabinetry reface. You’ll have a dramatically updated kitchen in no time! Call Comfort Remodel or contact us online to find out more.

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