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Kitchen Design Around the World

The sun is shining full blast, the kids are out of school, and the line for the ice cream shop is at an all-time long. You know what that means; summer is here. With all the fun and exciting parts of summer comes one of our favorite activities - vacationing! This summer we want to take you on a little blog-style vacation centered around the beautiful and various kitchen styles around the globe.

Please join us for our first official Comfort Remodel Virtual Kitchen Vacation! That's right, we will be guiding you through some highlights of kitchen designs around the world. So, buckle in and grab a notebook. We hope you will be inspired by these kitchen designs, each with a unique and distinct style.

All around the world, different stylistic influences come from local culture, history, and art. We start this vacation by hopping on a jet and zooming to Switzerland. While Switzerland is best known for its breathtaking Alpine landscape, luxury watches, and delicious chocolate, the Swiss also have a strong style when it comes to kitchen design. Staples in Swiss kitchens include an open concept, natural woods with light stain, lots of wood grain, few embellishments, and tons of natural light. The goal is to create a spacious feel: maximizing the space with simple design elements and straight lines. A Swiss-inspired kitchen may seem too simple for some, but for those who prefer a stripped-down and clean look, Swiss kitchens can offer a lot of great design inspiration.

Next, we'll head North to Denmark for a bit of "hygge"! What's hygge, you ask? Well, hygge (pronounced HOO-ga) is the Danish word for "fun." And no good vacation is complete without a little bit of hygge. However, hygge isn't just a word for fun, it's also an emerging kitchen trend that we love this season (and every other season, too). A Hygge kitchen focuses on creating a warm living environment by combining coziness with the simple things in life. A Hygge kitchen brings its owner joy in the surrounding elements while cooking and spending time with loved ones. Hygge kitchens combine modern décor elements with cottage-like cabinets, nooks, shelves, and crannies to display favorite mugs or plants. If you are a fan of the cottage aesthetic, a Danish-inspired kitchen could be the perfect fit for your home. A Hygge kitchen isn't afraid of displaying cups and bowls on shelves for guests to see. It embraces the hominess and honesty of a floating shelf on a simple backsplash. We love this delightful Danish trend.

Now that we've visited two chilly countries, it's only fitting that our last stop on this Kitchen Vacation is warm Mexico City. Built on Aztec ruins, Mexico City is one of the oldest cities in the Americas. It is full of life, vibrance, and energy, reflected in the kitchen and home décor. Mexico City's design utilizes ornate tile work and backsplashes. This artistic tile work lines kitchen walls, transforming a plain space into the centerpiece of a home. Those inspired by local artists and architecture aren't afraid to embrace bold colors and daring amounts of contrast. A full canary yellow pantry, blood orange island, and ocean blue tile would fit right in. If you live for bold colors and feel like a white kitchen is not your style - perhaps consider Mexican kitchen design elements to inspire your home.

In each country, we've seen incredibly diverse design elements and principles, but that's what makes this "vacation" so fun! Everyone has a different style influenced by their culture, geography, and personal preferences. It's fun to look to others for inspiration. Thanks for vacationing with us for just a minute. It's been our pleasure showing you a glimpse of kitchen designs across the globe. Whether you're planning a cross-country road trip, a tropical getaway, or a staycation in your city - we hope you have a wonderful time full of inspiring moments.


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