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The (Hidden) Benefits of Refacing - Beauty That is More Than Skin Deep

Updated: Jul 19, 2022

Photo: This stunning kitchen is the result of cabinet refacing.

Have you heard the saying, "Beauty is more than skin deep"? We believe it's true. Beauty is not just a pleasing appearance of a face; it's the kindness shown by expressive eyes, a warm and engaging smile, and a countenance that radiates joy. In the same way, cabinet refacing goes beyond updating the look of a kitchen. The beauty of refacing is more than "skin deep." It is also the transformation of the cabinets themselves- modifying them to maximize storage, increase functionality and incorporate new cabinetry.

Yes, refacing will update the look of your kitchen to be beautiful. Yes, it's affordable, long-lasting, drastic, and quick! (Read our April and May blog posts for those benefits). AND during the refacing process cabinetry can be repurposed from the inside out! (See, beauty is more than skin deep!)

Are you tired of reaching under the sink to throw away the trash? Have you dreamed of having large drawers to hold pots and pans? Base cabinets can easily be converted into drawers by installers. Turn the hard-to-reach corner cabinet into easy access storage with a rotating tray or turntable. Install a mixer stand and leave your weightlifting for the gym! With a few adjustments, a cabinet that held unused items can now be a smooth gliding trashcan drawer or a roll-out spice rack.

Speaking of "smooth" and "gliding," all drawer boxes and drawer slides can be replaced. Is anything more frustrating than a stuck drawer because it's off the tracks again? When Comfort Remodel refaces your cabinetry, new doors are hung with soft-close hinges. No more slamming doors shut!

Another beautiful thing about refacing is that new cabinetry can be added seamlessly to the refaced cabinetry. It’s impossible to differentiate between the old and new. Replace a small island with one that increases seating, or integrate a full-length pantry where an old built-in desk once sat. Move the refrigerator or extend the countertop; all cabinetry will appear harmonious.

Photo: Old vs. New - A new island was built for this kitchen and the outcome is a perfect merging of old and new - refacing the existing cabinetry and integrating new!

Cabinet refacing goes beyond adding a new skin to the surface. It's transforming a kitchen to meet all your needs affordably, quickly, drastically, and beautifully from the inside out!


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