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Are There Emotional Benefits to Kitchen Functionality?

When imagining the kitchen of your dreams, what does it have in it? How does the thought of your dream kitchen in your home make you feel? Our guess is that it is full of love, laughter, and memory-making. We're sure all those great things can be and are a part of your current kitchen. But we want to take a moment to highlight the emotional benefits that increased functionality from a remodeled kitchen can deliver.

While remodeling can absolutely feel like a huge undertaking, the results of your stunning and efficient kitchen make it well worth the initial hassle. The benefit of designing your custom kitchen allows you to add personal touches that will directly increase your own functionality while cooking. For example: Are you tired of your kitchen feeling dark, regardless of how many lights you have on? Try adding under-cabinet lighting to brighten up your whole space!

There are countless adjustments we can make in your kitchen that make a world of difference! Just ask our recent Comfort Remodel customers, K.C and Joann. During the initial home consultation with our designer, this couple shared their struggle with storing cookware on the shelves of the bottom cabinet. Joann said, "It was always a chore to dig out the pan we needed and then return it once done. Especially since getting down on our knees isn't as easy as it used to be! It's never fun to empty half the cabinet just to get the pot we needed to make dinner". As a solution, our designer suggested replacing the inefficient storage with big drawers to easily access pots and pans.

K.C. told us, “We didn't even know that was a possibility, especially since we were doing a reface. But it has made a huge difference to have the drawers!" Joann added, "I didn't realize the stress it was causing just to make dinner. Honestly, sometimes we'd decide what to eat based on which pan was the easiest to pull out. This change has really taken the dread out of making dinner and cleaning up. Who knew that having drawers would make such a difference in our attitudes (and our knees!!).”

At the end of the day, Comfort Remodel is here to listen and help improve the functionality of your kitchen specifically for you. We stand by our promise to help you achieve your dream kitchen - however it may look and with options for every budget. From a full-blown remodel with all new cabinets to a reface that brightens your home and spirits. We are excited to walk with you to reach your dream kitchen!

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